The Next Generation Chicago

Ecucational Events

TNGC hosts our educational events on the third Sunday of each month from 4 to 7pm at Galleria Domain 2. Our educational event consists of a social hour at 4:00, followed by a class from 5 until 7. Please RSVP through GD2's website if you are planning on attending our event. We cannot wait to see you there!


Much like munches, TNGC's educational events are social events and there for people to learn or discuss topics with like minded individuals. Please keep in mind that not everyone who attends is fully open, and some may suffer discrimination if unintentionally "outed." Please be sure to be respectful. Additionally, since you are attending the educational demo at GD2, we require that you adhere to their rules and guidelines. If there is something that you have any questions or concerns regarding this please reach out to a member of TNGC's leadership and/or GD2 directly.


All our classes are free to attend. However GD2 is generous enough to host us and provide drinks for our guests. If you can we ask that you contribute to their donation fund that is set up on the bar. If you enjoy the club we also suggest you consider a membership. That way you support them and come have fun with during membership hours!


Must Bring a Legal Form of Photo ID with to show you're between the ages 18 and 35 (if your partner is over 35 you may bring them in with you).

When you get to the club you'll have to sign a waiver and present your ID to the door staff.

Dress Code

You can wear anything your comfortable in, casual, dress, doesn't matter to us. However, please remember that it is a public venue.